Boston Celtics: Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (14-15)

A great way to get a shooter a good shot is to first have them set a screen. By having them set a screen, it forces their defender to help for a half second or give up a layup. The space created by setting a screen allows the shooter time to come off of another screen and have space to get their shot off.

This basketball play is run by the Boston Celtics and it is going to use this concept to get a great shot at the end of a game. If you have a shooter that shoots well off of screens, this is a great play to add to your playbook.



Play Name: Boston Celtics: Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (14-15)

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Play Goal: Use a screen the screener action to get an open shot for a shooter.

Play Tips: The shooter must first set a great screen before receiving one. This will give them the space needed. Passer needs to throw an on time on target pass to the shooter.


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