Boston Celtics: Baseline Screen Zipper Basketball Play (14-15)

This Boston Celtics played is designed to have two options for a shot, but one of the options is really designed to set up the other. The first option is going to be a shooter coming off a baseline screen out to the corner for a shot. However, the real action is going to be run for the player who set the screen for the shooter. It is a screen the screener action that is going to allow the screener to fill up the lane line to receive a down screen to get the ball on a curl cut (depending on how the defense guards the action).

This type of basketball play is all determined by how good of a screen the first screener sets. Must be willing to set a great screen and get their defender to help off so that they are open when they come off the down screen action.



Play Name: Boston Celtics: Baseline Screen Zipper Basketball Play (14-15)

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Play Goal: Get a shot of finish off the down screen action. Primarily you are looking to curl the down screen and get a finish at the basket.

Play Tips: Player using the screen must first set a great screen for the shooter. And then if the shooter is open, look to make the defense pay. Read the defense on the down screen, this will determine whether you curl or straight cut.


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