Boston Celtics: BLOB 1-4 Flat Basketball Play (14-15)

Having the right inbounds play can make or break a game, and even an entire season. You need to have different plays for different situations, and you need to be able to execute these plays at a high level.

This Boston Celtics inbound play is designed to get a quick catch and shoot off of a pin-down action once the ball is inbounded. When running this play you really want to focus in on the misdirection of the play and also the quality of the screens that you are setting. Both of these areas are key when it comes to running basketball plays like this correctly.



Play Name: Boston Celtics: BLOB 1-4 Flat Basketball Play (14-15)

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Play Goal: Get the ball in and then immediately execute the play for the shot off of a pin-down action.

Play Tips: Players need to set great legal screens, and cutters need to sell their cut even if they aren’t going to receive the ball. Passer needs to do a great job of not staring down the intended target, and then deliver an on time on target pass.


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