Boston Celtics: Double Handoff Basketball Play (15-16)

One of the best ways to get an open shot as a post player is to set a great screen for another teammate. This basketball play highlights this by having a double handoff action that is really designed for the post player. After they set their screen, they are going to pop for an open catch and shoot shot. If you have a stretch forward this is a really great action. The reason why is because most post defenders are used to sitting in the paint area to help on penetration and are not used to playing defense out on the perimeter.



Play Name: Boston Celtics: Double Handoff Basketball Play (15-16)

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Play Goal: Get an open shot for one of the post players setting the double handoff action.

Play Tips: The ball handler must look to turn the corner and be a threat to score. Otherwise, the post defender will not have to help off of the post player that is spacing for the shot. The players setting the screen need to head hunt and make sure that the ball handler has an angle to attack the basket.


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