Boston Celtics: Guard Post Up Basketball Play (15-16)

Something that NBA coaches do really well is take advantage of player mismatches, and it is something that college and high school coaches are starting to catch on to. Obviously, there isn’t as much spacing as the NBA because of there being no defensive 3-second penalty, but there are still some great ways to take advantage of mismatches.

This specific basketball play is going to take advantage of having a bigger point guard that is being guarded by a smaller player. The back screen is going to allow the guard to get a good position in the paint for a quick entry and finish.



Play Name: Boston Celtics: Guard Post Up Basketball Play (15-16)

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Play Goal: Back screen the point guard into the post so that they can take advantage of a smaller player guarding them.

Play Tips: Don’t make the point guard wait on the entry pass. The pass needs to made right away so that they can take advantage of their positioning, and also so that they don’t get a 3-second call. Before using the back screen the guard needs to do a great job of setting up their defender, pause and then hard cut.


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