Chicago Bulls: Ball Screen Double Backside Flare Basketball Play

This basketball play gets the defense to focus and suck in on one action, while another weak side action is happening at the same time. Sell the ball screen action and if it isn’t defended well shoot the pull up, but if not get to that baseline and find the shooter. Adding misdirection to your basketball plays is a great way to keep the weak side from helping on defense.



Play Name: Chicago Bulls: Ball Screen Double Backside Flare Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Attack off the ball screen and get the defense to suck in while the shooter is getting a double flare on the far side for a shot.

Play Tips: Make the ball screen action believable and be a threat to score. On the pass from the baseline, you may need to be falling out of bounds on the pass to the angle. The flare screen guys need to headhunt the shooter’s man.


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