Chicago Bulls: Double Cross Screen Post Up Basketball Play

This basketball play is great for a player with a size or strength mismatch on his defender. If you can’t get the basketball on the block right away look to the high post for the post feed. Don’t go away from the post up too quickly. The deeper the catch the easier it will be to finish the play. Don’t make the post player wait on the ball, give it to him right when he is open.



Play Name: Chicago Bulls: Double Cross Screen Post Up Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a post up on the block for a bigger player on a smaller defender, can be a guard or a wing.

Play Tips: The cross screeners need to set good legal screens to get a good post up. If you are posting up try and catch the ball as close to the basket as you can, don’t run out to the short corner when you can catch it under the basket. Post feeder should pass fake and don’t stare down the post up guy on the cut, it is all about timing.


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