Chicago Bulls: Loop with Backdoor Basketball Play

The goal of this basketball play is to get the defender that is chasing the cutter to go over the top of the screen, on the down screen action that is being set in the high post. This way when the cutter curls the screen, he/she has a wide open lane to the basket and the high post man can hit him for the layup. The weak side needs to make sure that they space the floor, and if their man goes to help on the backdoor cut they rotate up for the open shot or drive.



Play Name: Chicago Bulls: Loop with Backdoor Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Run your best shooter off of a screen and set his over aggressive defender up to get backdoored.

Play Tips: The cutter should be your best shooter or the player that is getting overplayed the most, make sure the timing is right on the pass to the big man in the high post.


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