Chicago Bulls: Reverse Counter for a 3 Basketball Play

The key to this basketball play is going to be all about misdirection. It is very important that the man who is posting up sells the post up to get the defense to shift to him. This will allow the shooter to be open on the quick reversal for a wide open 3. Having the right basketball plays in your playbook can be the difference between a win and a loss.



Play Name: Chicago Bulls: Reverse Counter for a 3 Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get the defense to focus on the post up man so that the shooter’s defender helps into the lane and over helps. This will allow the shooter to get an open look.

Play Tips: Sell the post up, passer needs to sell that he is really trying to get the ball in the post. Once the defense sucks in, the ball needs to be reversed quickly. The opposite big man needs to set a good seal-in screen on the shooter’s man.


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