Chicago Bulls: Single Double Screen Basketball Play

The Chicago Bulls single double screen basketball play is a good set because it doesn’t allow the defense to cheat. There are multiple reads that you can make out of it, and this keeps the defense honest. If your shooter is open off of the screens hit him, if the defensive big men have to help out on the screen, look in the post or let the cutter just catch the ball on the wing and play out of it. Basketball plays like this aren’t very complex, but they can be really effective if the offense sets good screens, and then reads what the defense is giving up.



Play Name: Chicago Bulls: Single Double Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a shot off of the screen action or look in the post at your big man if their man helps too much on the screen.

Play Tips: Tell your big men to set good screens and then duck in hard. Cutter needs to set his man up and not be predictable on his cut.


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