Chicago Bulls: Single Double with Side Ball Screen Basketball Play

This basketball action is meant to be quick and is designed to get the defense out of position so that they cannot help as much on the side ball screen. If the big man is worried about the down screen and has to extend then he is going to be out of position to help on the ball screen. The man coming off the side ball screen needs to be aggressive and make a play for himself or a teammate.

Like most basketball plays this play is going to require your players to set good screens for each other, and also good timing on the execution. Keep the play moving and don’t let the defense recover after the initial screening action.




Play Name: Chicago Bulls: Single Double with Side Ball Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get the big man to be out of place so he isn’t in the right position to guard the ball screen.

Play Tips: Set good screens on the baseline to get the opponent’s big man to have to help extend and then quickly sprint to the ball screen. Practice the right timing of this play.


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