Chicago Bulls: SLOB Slice/Loop Ball Screen/Counter Basketball Play

A great sideline out of bounds basketball play gets right into the offense and leaves the defense shifting and out of place. Be aggressive off of your inbounds plays, and look to score instead of just trying to getting the ball in. SLOB’s are a great chance to run set plays with your whole team on the same page. It is up to you a coach to make sure that your team is all on the same page, and that they are executing at a high level on dead ball possessions.



Play Name: Chicago Bulls: SLOB Slice/Loop Ball Screen/Counter Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get the defense out of position off of the loop and then attack off of the ball screen.

Play Tips: The guard needs to sprint off of the loop screen and then the big man needs to sprint to the ball screen, be aggressive off of the ball screen.


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