Chicago Bulls: UCLA Cut Pin Down Basketball Play 2

This is a multiple screen basketball play that has several different reads. The reason that this play is so hard to guard is because there are not only multiple different screening actions in a row, but there are different screens for the cutters to choose from. So if the defender is cheating to a certain side the cutter can take advantage of that and use a different screen. It all comes down to being able to read the defense and exploit what they are giving up.



Play Name: Chicago Bulls: UCLA Cut Pin Down Basketball Play 2

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Play Goal: Set multiple screens in a row to get the defense to mess up an assignment so that a shooter gets a wide open look.

Play Tips: The UCLA screen needs to be a good screen because this will cause the defense to have to shift and become the first crack in the defensive break down. Cutter in the corner needs to read his defender and decide if he should come off the cross screen or pin down screen. Be a threat to score as you come off each screen.


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