Cleveland Cavaliers: Horns to Pistol Basketball Play (14-15)

One of the great things about setting up in a horns set is that you bring the post defenders away from the basket. By doing this it not only puts the other team’s post defenders in an uncomfortable position, but it also helps to limit their shot blocking ability around the basket.

This basketball play is run by the Cleveland Cavaliers and it is going to essentially end up being a triple screen for the ball handler. It will force the defense to have to really communicate at a high level. If they do not, it will leave an open offensive player and the ball handler simply has to read the defense.



Play Name: Cleveland Cavaliers: Horns to Pistol Basketball Play (14-15)

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Play Goal: Set up a triple screen for the ball handler, and then put the defense in a tough situation and look for the breakdown.

Play Tips: Wing player coming off of the screens needs to set up their defender before using the screens. Also, don’t stare down your target on the pass, read the defense. Wing players off of the ball need to be staying spaced and ready to shoot if their defender over helps.


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