Duke: Down Screen Basketball Play

For a catch and shoot basketball player it is all about catching the ball in enough space to get his/her shot off. This basketball play is good because it gives the shooter the option to come off a down screen or baseline screen. Giving the shooter options makes it a lot harder on the defender as well. The reason why is because they can predetermine how they are going to guard the shooter.



Play Name: Duke: Down Screen Basketball Play

Similar Plays: Pitt Panthers: Ball Screen – Pin Down Basketball Play (11-12), Providence Friars: Single/Double Twirl Action Basketball Play (11-12), Vanderbilt: Back Screen/Down Screen Basketball Play

Play Goal: Get an open look for the shooter coming off the screen.

Play Tips: Shooter needs to set his man up and not be predictable on his cut. Don’t let the defender dictate which screen you go off. Big men must head hunt and help the shooter get open by setting a good screen.


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