Duke: Handoff Ball Screen Basketball Play

A handoff followed by a ball screen is basically a double ball screen, but it helps to get the player the ball even when they are being denied. For this play, it is important that the shooter comes off the ball screen and looks to make a play for themselves or a teammate. Run the offense through your best basketball player and let them facilitate. Basketball plays like this are important to have in your arsenal if you have a good scorer that is going to get denied the ball.



Play Name: Duke: Handoff Ball Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a shot for your best player or let them make a play for another teammate off of the ball screen.

Play Tips: On the handoff, dribble right at the wings defender and try to screen him as you hand the ball off. The wing needs to take a good angle to come off the handoff and ball screen, look to turn the corner on the ball screen if you can.


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