Duke: Handoff Re-Screen Ball Screen Basketball Play

When a player is feeling it and shooting the basketball lights out, he/she doesn’t need much space or time to get their shot off. This means that you need to start running everything through them. This is a pretty simple basketball play, but because the shooter is feeling it, it is a good play. The reason that you are going to use a handoff action is because the shooter is probably going to be denied by the defense. It also important that the screener spaces or rolls after the screen, because they could be the one open for the shot if the ball handler dumps the ball off to them.



Play Name: Duke: Handoff Re-Screen Ball Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Let the shooter decide whether to attack off the handoff or the re-screen.

Play Tips: Read the defender and to get a shot but don’t over force the shot. Come shoulder to shoulder on the handoff so that the defender cannot squeeze through.


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