Duke: Low Pin Down Basketball Play

Getting your best player the basketball in a spot where they are comfortable scoring it, is a big key in having a winning game plan. Design or pick out basketball plays that are for specific players on your team, and help them get going by putting them in good situations. It is your job as a coach to do this. This Duke low pin down play is designed for a really good shooter who moves really well without the ball. The screen is going to be there for them to help get some separation from their defender so they can get a good shot off.



Play Name: Duke: Low Pin Down Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get your best player a touch in the mid paint area off the down screen.

Play Tips: Make sure that the pass is on time right when the scorer comes off the pin down screen. Once the shooter catches the ball in the paint the other players need to space and be ready to shoot if their man helps off too much.


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