Duke: Pin Down Handoff Basketball Play

When you have a great shooter it is important that you get him plenty of quality touches. Unfortunately, the defense usually knows that this is the game plan and they will try to do their best to limit the shooter’s touches. Screens and handoffs are great ways to get your shooter good looks at the basket. This play is going to start with a pin down action followed up with a handoff. It is very similar to a double pin down screen.

There are a couple of really good basketball drills to use to work on the shooter’s ability to come off of the down screen and get right into their shot. The shooting drills are going to work on the player’s ability to shoot off of a curl cut, straight cut, or fade cut.

Suggested Drills: Ray Allen Curl Cut Shooting DrillRay Allen Fade Cut Shooting DrillRay Allen Straight Cut Shooting Drill



Play Name: Duke: Pin Down Handoff Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a shot for your best player or let them make a play for another teammate off of the handoff.

Play Tips: Shooter needs to set his man up and come off of the pin down screen hard. Handoff man needs to find the shooters man and dribble right at him and set a good screen as he hands the ball off.


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