Duke: Side Ball Screen to High Low Basketball Play (12-13)

The way that most defenses guard a ball screen on the high wing, is to have the big man slightly hedge or extend (unless it is a nonshooter), and then get back to their man. This high low basketball play is going to start out with a side ball screen, and then take advantage of the defense extending out.

By flashing the opposite big man up to the top of the key on the ball screen, the offense will be able to pass the ball up top, and then dump it down over top of the defense for a great high low entry pass to the rolling post player that just set the screen. If the play doesn’t work on the first ball screen, the big man will simply reverse the ball and then go set the next ball screen, and this time the play will be for them. This is a great ball screen basketball play to run if you have post players that can pass, and finish around the basket.



Play Name: Duke: Side Ball Screen to High Low Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Use a side ball screen to get the post defender out of position, and then make a high low entry pass.

Play Tips: The post player needs to try and seal his/her defender up as high as they can after they roll to the basket. Entry pass needs to be high, and put only where the post player can catch it.


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