Evansville: Transition Ball Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

Transition defense is hard enough if the offense is just running their lanes, but if the offense is able to sprint the floor and then quickly get into a transition set, it becomes very difficult to guard. This is a really good transition basketball play because there are multiple options for the ball handler to choose from and also you eliminate all of the help defense.

The reason that there is no help defense is because everyone is involved in an action. If there was only a ball screen on one side of the floor then the weak side defense could help and rotate. However, since there is a double pin down screening action happening at the same time, there is no weak side help. So when the ball handler comes off the screen he/she has several different options; look to score, hit the ball screen for the roll or pop, hit the shooter coming off of the double screen, or hit one of the two pin down screeners if their defender over helps.



Play Name: Evansville: Transition Ball Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a basket in transition.

Play Tips: Ball handler needs to be aggressive off of the ball screen and be able to read what the defense is giving them. The quicker the offense can get down the floor and into the play, the better the chance will be to score because the defense is not set yet.


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