Union Olimpija: Flex Action with Deep Seal Basketball Play

If you have a dominant post player it makes sense to try and get them touches around the basket as often as possible. Sometimes though, if you have a bigger guard that can take advantage of mismatches, you are going to want to post them as well. This basketball play is going to allow you to do just that.

The guard is going to curl off of the down screen from the post player, and while the defender is looking to see where the guard is going to cut to next, the offensive guard will duck in for a deep post seal, catch, and finish.



Play Name: Union Olimpija: Flex Action with Deep Seal

Play Goal: Get a bigger wing player a deep catch in the post for a high percentage finish.

Tips: Great spacing is needed for this play so that the help defenders are not able to collapse on the deep catch. If help does come, the player posting needs to be able to kick out to an open shooter, and players spacing must be down ready to shoot. Make sure that the player on the block does not duck in too early so that the defender is able to fight over the top or ride them out, must be patient.


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