Gadsden State: BLOB Diagonal Screen Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

This basketball out of bounds play is going to be run out of the box set. That means that you are going to have a player on each block and each elbow, making the shape of a box. This is one of the more traditional baseline out of bounds formations, and there can be a lot of different sets run out of it. To make this basketball play work correctly you have to first set a good diagonal screen. This will put the defense in a difficult decision because the defense either has to help on that screen and give up a shot on the flare screen or give up a layup.



Play Name: Gadsden State: BLOB Diagonal Screen Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Set a good diagonal screen and then come off the flare screen for a shot.

Play Tips: The player passing the ball in should look for the player coming off the diagonal screen, then the shooter off the flare screen, and then the big man opening up after he sets the flare screen. Must set good screens for this play to work.


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