Georgia Southern: 2-3 Zone Post Flash, Baseline Runner Basketball Play (11-12)

It is not just enough to pass the basketball around the zone and jack up 3 point shots. Your basketball team needs to be able to go inside out for quality shots. You can get inside touches by passing or driving the ball. Both work well against a zone and it is important that you use both to get good shots for your team because inside out 3 pointers are much higher percentage shots for your team and they make the defense work.

This zone basketball play is going to have a baseline runner and a player flashing in the zone. Hopefully, this will open up some great scoring opportunities for your offense, and keep your players from being stagnant on the offensive end.



Play Name: Georgia Southern: 2-3 Zone Post Flash, Baseline Runner Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get the ball inside out for a 3 or good action.

Play Tips: Keep the ball moving and have the big man flash hard for the ball. Seal in the outside baseline defender so that the shooter has a better look.


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