Georgia Southern: Side Ball Screen, Single/Double Basketball Play (11-12)

A good ball screen basketball play creates a two-man game while taking away the weak side help by running some kind of weak side action. This is a great play because it makes the other teams big man guard the ball screen action by himself and if the defense chooses to sit in the paint they will leave open the shooter coming off the down screen.

In order for basketball plays like this to work your players need to set good screens and the timing must be right. If the ball handler comes off and the weak side action is still getting set up, then the play is most likely not going to be successful. The shooter needs to come off the down screens ready to shoot the ball. There are multiple different basketball shooting drills that you can use to work on this.




Play Name: Georgia Southern: Side Ball Screen, Single/Double Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Make the defense decide whether the are going to help on the ball screen or stay with the shooter on the pin down screen.

Play Tips: Set a good ball screen and have the point guard look to turn the corner and get in the paint. Make the defense suck in and then hit the shooter coming off the screen. Set a good down screen and the shooter coming off the screen needs to set his man up.


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