Georgia Southern: SLOB Twirl Action Basketball Play (11-12)

Sideline out of bounds basketball plays should be treated as an opportunity to run a set basketball play. Don’t just try to get the ball inbounds, but try to run a play that you can get an easy look out of, or that gets your team immediately into the offense. As a coach, you should have at least 4-6 really good SLOB and BLOB plays that you can run every game.



Play Name: Georgia Southern: SLOB Twirl Action Basketball Play (11-12)

Similar Plays: Seffner Christian: SLOB Screen Post Up Basketball Play, San Antonio Spurs: SLOB Fake Handoff/Side Ball Screen Basketball Play, Houston Rockets: Back Screen/Flare Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

Play Goal: Get a basket off of the inbound pass or get right into your offense.

Play Tips: Set good screens and cut hard. Inbounder needs to hit the players right when they get open and not make them wait on the ball.


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