Golden State: Angle Screen Side Ball Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

This Golden State ball screen basketball play is going to involve a down screen/angle screen before the actual ball screen takes place. The reason why is because this angle screen will help to free up the screener to be able to set a clean screen for the ball handler without the post defender being right on their hip or sitting in the help. By doing this it allows the ball handler to get a shot or turn the corner and create for themselves or a teammate.

Any time you can get the offense moving and shifting before the primary action is run, it is good for your team. Don’t let your team stand around and watch while a ball screen is being run. If they do, then the defense can just load up, and sit in the help. It is up to you as the basketball coach to make sure that you are teaching these principles to your players and then holding them accountable as well.



Play Name: Golden State: Angle Screen Side Ball Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Run a side ball screen action immediately after a down screen/angle screen, and then play out of it.

Play Tips: Players need to make contact on the screen and look to set good legal screens for each other. As soon as the angle screen is set the ball screener needs to sprint to the ball screen. This will make it so the post defender is trailing the play and out of position on the side ball screen. The ball handler needs to be aggressive off of the ball screen, and make the defense respect them whether they shoot, drive, or pass. For this play to work the right way it is going to require great timing.


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