Golden State: Back Screen Flex Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

If your team has a couple of good shooters this is a really great basketball play to run. The reason why is because it is going to involve 3 different types of off-ball screens right in a row, and is very hard for the defense to have to communicate and guard. Whether it is the shooter getting a shot off of the down screen or the post player getting a lob after setting the down screen, there are lots of different scoring options for this play.

Before running this play though, it is important that you as the basketball coach teach your players what the different reads are, and the options that the play offers. This will help make your offense a lot more explosive, and keep your players from being robots on the floor. Great offenses are able to run a play, read the defense, and then exploit the way that they are being guarded. It is your job to be able to teach them how to do this though.



Play Name: Golden State: Back Screen Flex Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Execute multiple off-ball screens all in a row, and then read the defense to make the correct pass for a shot or finish at the basket.

Play Tips: This play is going to involve 3 screens all in a row, so it is important that the screeners and cutters work together and make contact on each screen. The passer needs to be able to read how the defense is guarding each action, and then make the correct pass to the open player. It is not always going to be the same player that ends up with the shot. Cutters need to set up their defender before using each screen.


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