Golden State: Curl Down Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

This basketball play is going to allow the shooter to run off of two different screens before getting a shot. A lot of times a good defender will be able to guard one action pretty well, but if the defender has to guard multiple screens in a row, it becomes a lot more difficult for them. With a great shooter, you may have to incorporate multiple screens for them to get open because the defense is going to be keying in on them.

A big key to this pin down play though is that the cutter sets up the defender each time before going to use a screen. They need to be able to go from slow to fast and get the defender trailing the play. If they can get the defender slightly trailing the play after the curl cut, then they will be able to more effectively use the down screen for a shot.



Play Name: Golden State: Curl Down Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Set multiple down screens in the same play for a shooter. On the second screen, they should be open for a shot if the play is run correctly.

Play Tips: The cutter needs to set up the defender before using the screen, and then cut harder. Screeners need to look to head hunt and set good legal screens for the shooter. Players off the ball need to stay spaced so that their defender can’t help off without there being a consequence. The defense will be focused on the post player that has the ball because it looks similar to an isolation play, so make sure the player with the ball is still a threat to score.



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