Golden State: Double Handoff Side Ball Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

The reason that there is going to be a double handoff action before the ball screen takes place, is because it will make the defense have to communicate a little bit more (which allows potential breakdown), and also because it allows the player using the ball screen to get the ball back on the wing in the triple threat position. This will make sure that the defender is not able to overpressure the ball, and allows the wing player to read the defense.

On the weak side of the floor, there is going to be a flare screen action. The purpose of this is to take the help defense out of the equation. They have to worry about the shooter flaring and are not able to help on the ball screen action. Having basketball plays with actions on both sides of the floor is a great way to promote player spacing. Really make sure that you are stressing the importance of proper spacing on the floor to your players.


Play Name: Golden State: Double Handoff Side Ball Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Run a handoff give and go with the point guard and wing player, and then look to come off the ball screen aggressively to get a shot or create for a teammate.

Play Tips: After the double handoff action the player with the ball doesn’t have to put the dribble down right away unless they want to. Playing out of the triple threat makes it easier to wait on the ball screen, and to read the defense. The player using the flare can curl the flare, but they need to recognize the spacing and break off the cut if they are not open or are going to be in the way. The ball handler needs to be aggressive off the ball screen action.


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  1. Isn’t it the famous Pistol action with a lot of options? as you mentioned a lot of NBA teams run this as their secondary offense.

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