Golden State: Elbow Entry Flex Basketball Play (13-14)

Usually, anytime you can give a shooter several different off ball screens that they can choose from, it is going to be pretty good offense. Especially if the shooter does a good job of reading the defense, and then makes them pay for cheating a certain direction on a screen. This basketball play is going to involve a flex action and a down screen action, and the shooter can choose to come off either screen. The player setting the flex screen is also a shooter, so if the primary shooter chooses to use the flex screen, then it is going to turn into a screen the screener action with the down screen.

To make this play effective it is really important that you as the basketball coach really stress the importance of reading the defense, and making the correct read. In this play there are going to be 3 main reads; the primary shooter using the flex screen or down screen for a shot, the secondary shooter getting a shot off of the down screen after they set a screen or the post player that sets the down screen coming open because their defender is too focused with helping with the screening actions. The biggest key though is making sure that your team does not play like robots.



Play Name: Golden State: Elbow Entry Flex Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Get a catch at the high post, and then run several off ball screens in a row and play out of it.

Play Tips: Make sure that each screen makes contact with the defender, and then react out of it. Every action triggers something else and causes the play to take a different form, so make sure that every player is on the same page. The passer needs to make sure that they are not just focused on one receiver, look for the open player that the defense gives up.


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