Golden State: Flex Offense Basketball Play (13-14)

Being able to score right at the basket is important for your team for a couple of different reasons. It allows your team to get a high percentage shot, puts pressure on the defense, and help to get a player going with an easy basket. This Golden State flex play is not overly complicated, but it is going to set up the post player with a deep catch right at the basket, and the chance to catch and finish. If this play is run the correct way, it should end up in a finish or a foul by the defense.

It is important to have different basketball plays for specific players/positions on your team. This will help to get a player going that is struggling, but it will also allow you as the coach to take advantage of a particular matchup that you may have the advantage in. You want to be able to put your best players in great scoring positions, and then let them do the rest. This play is a great example of that.



Play Name: Golden State: Flex Offense Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Run a flex screen/cross screen play for your post player to get a deep catch on the block for a finish.

Play Tips: The cross screener needs to be willing to set a great screen on the opposing big man. If they switch the screen still try to duck in or seal high and get a finish over the top. The pass must be thrown in as soon as the post player comes open, don’t make them wait on the pass. This is important because if they have to wait for the ball, the defender will be able to ride them out of their great positioning. Don’t come out of the lane farther than you need to on the cut, try to get as deep of positioning as you can.


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