Golden State: Pin Down Ball Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

This is a pretty simply ball screen basketball play to run, but the success of it is going to be determined in the details of the screening action. The play is going to start with a pin down screen to get the wing player the ball, followed up with a quick ball screen action. If the wing player doesn’t set up their defender on the pin down action, the defender will be right with them on the catch. This is not good, because the goal of the pin down screen is to get the wing player a catch, but also to get the defender trailing the play. This will lead to them being out of position on the ball screen action, which will open up a shot for the ball handler, or the ability to create for a teammate.

Learning to execute and pay attention to details within the offense is something that is up to the basketball coach to teach to the players, and then hold them accountable. So make sure that you are spending the needed time with your players going over this. It will really add a lot of value to your offense.



Play Name: Golden State: Pin Down Ball Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Run a pin down action to get the wing player the ball, and then immediately run a ball screen play after that.

Play Tips: It is important that the wing player sets up their defender before using the pin down screen, and also that the screener looks to set a good legal screen for the wing player. Once the ball is caught by the wing player, go right into the ball screen action. It is important that you don’t let the defender recover. Ball handler needs to be aggressive off of the ball screen and look to create for themselves or a teammate.



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