Golden State: Pin Down UCLA Double Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

This basketball play is going to be run for a shooter to get a quality shot off of double screen action, but it is also going to allow for the offensive players to read the defense and take advantage of them if they start cheating the play. As you will see in the counter, the down screen defender falls asleep, this allows the screener to simply slip the screen for a lob. It is important that as a basketball coach you teach your team how to think the game and read the defense, don’t allow your players to be robots on the floor.

Another big key to this Golden State Warriors play is to have cutters that first set their defender up before using the screen. It is not just up to the screener to create a quality screen, the cutter must also do their part of it and run their defender off of the screen. This will translate into open shots, or getting a slip/roll basket for the post player that just set the screen.



Play Name: Golden State: Pin Down UCLA Double Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Run different screening actions before ending up with a quality shot off of the double screen for the primary shooter.

Play Tips: Players need to cut hard and be a threat to score even if the play is not primarily being run for them. Thee Screeners need to set quality screens but also read their defender to see if they are cheating the play. Don’t play like a robot and read the defense. The shooter needs to set up their defender before coming off of the double screen for the shot.


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