Golden State: SLOB Flare Screen Rescreen Basketball Play (13-14)

Every out of bounds play should be valued and seen as a time to set your offense and get a great look at the basket. Don’t simply just look to get the ball inbounds (unless it is an end of the game situation), but look to run a quality play and get a quality look at the basket. This Golden State basketball play is going to put the defense on an island with a two-man flare screen down screen action.

The big keys to this play are; setting two quality screens, the cutter setting up their defender on each screen, and then reading the defense. If you are able to do these three things this play should help you get a quality look. Remember that the screener needs to be a threat to score as well. So don’t allow the screener to just stand after they set the final down screen.



Play Name: Golden State: SLOB Flare Screen Rescreen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Create a two-man off-ball screening action on one side of the floor while the other players stay spaced which will eliminate the help defense.

Play Tips: Make sure that the other 3 players are staying spaced so that their defenders cannot help out on the screening action. The passer also needs to be able to read the defense and make an on-time pass to the open player, it may be the screener that ends up with the shot. The screener needs to take a good angle on the screen and really look to head hunt, set a legal screen though. The shooter needs to make sure that they set their defender up before each screen, and then also read the defense to make the correct cut.



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