Golden State: SLOB Zipper Pin Down Basketball Play (13-14)

This sideline out of bounds play is going to get right into the offense as soon as the basketball is inbounded, and is a really good set to run if you have a shooter that is able to negotiate off ball screens well. It is not one of the more complex basketball plays out there, but it is still good because it allows for a lot of freedom in the offense, and the ability to read the defense.

There are two big keys to making a play like this work. The first is setting good screens for the shooter, and the second is the shooter’s ability to be able to set up their defender and make the correct read. If you have both of those things in this play, it will be hard for the defense to guard. Make sure also that the players who set the down screens are reacting after they set their screen. Don’t just screen and stand.



Play Name: Golden State: SLOB Zipper Pin Down Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Get the ball in and then immediately get into a pin down action where the shooter can read the defense and make a play.

Play Tips: Make sure that the pin down screens are wide so that the chance for help defense off the ball is not available. The screeners must look to head hunt and set a great legal screen. The shooter must set their defender up before using a screen, and then also make the correct read. The defender will determine what type of cut the shooter must use to get open for the shot. Don’t screen and stand, once the screeners set the screen they must open up to the ball and either space or roll.



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