Golden State: UCLA Side Ball Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

This Golden State Warriors play can be a really effective offense if run the correct way. The reason why this is such a good basketball play is because it involves all 5 offensive players at the same time, and the reason why this is important is because it eliminates the help defenders from being able to load up and sit in the help. It also has multiple options for the ball handler coming off of the side ball screen action.

The ball handler has 3 different primary options that they can choose from after using the ball screen. They can either turn the corner and look for a shot, hit the rolling big man, or hit the shooter coming off of the double screen action on the other side of the floor. With this play having so many different scoring options it becomes very hard for the defense to guard. As a basketball coach though it is important that you explain to your players (especially the ball handler) all of the different options that are going to be available on the play.



Play Name: Golden State: UCLA Side Ball Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (13-14)

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Play Goal: Get a two-man ball screen action on one side of the floor and a double screen action for a shooter on the other side of the floor.

Play Tips: This play will not work if players are not willing to set good screens for each other, it also won’t work though if the player using the screen does not set up their defender. Another big key to making this play work is timing, the ball handler needs to come off the ball screen at the same time as the shooter is coming off of the double screen. The ball handler is going to have 3 primary options to choose from after coming off the screen; shot for themselves, a throwback to the ball screener, or hit the shooter coming off the double screen.


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