Louisville: High Ball Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (12-13)

This is a pretty simple basketball play but it works well because the guard is setting a down screen for the forward/post player to get a shot at the elbow. Most post defenders are not used to guarding a pin down action and will be unsure of how to guard it. Also if the guard that is setting the screen is a scorer than their defender will not want to help off and extend on the down screen.

When the post player comes off of the down screen they need to make sure that they are ready to shoot and that they are not coming out farther than they have to on the shot. The player that you are running this shot for needs to make sure that they have good footwork and that they are getting squared up on the shot. There are multiple different basketball shooting drills that you can do to work on this.



Play Name: Louisville: High Ball Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get an elbow shot for the post player off of a pin down action.

Play Tips: Guard needs to set a good screen and the post player needs to set their man up. After the guard sets the screen they can cut off the other big mans screen for a shot themselves. Wing player out on the perimeter needs to stay spaced and be ready to shoot if their man over helps.


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