Houston Rockets: 1-4 Flat Ball Screen/Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

Good basketball players are able to make plays out of the offense by reading what the defense is giving them. This basketball play is going to be a simple high ball screen action, but it is up to the man with the ball to read the defense, and then make the right play.

In this video, the wing is being overplayed so he cuts backdoor and gets a bucket. The ball handler must be able to read the defense and make the right play.


Play Name: Houston Rockets: 1-4 Flat Ball Screen/Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Create a two-man game at the top of the key and then just read the defense out of the ball screen action.

Play Tips: Point guard needs to come off of the ball screen aggressively and make the defense decide if they are going to help or not. If the wing is being overplayed he needs to set his man up and then cut back door.


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  1. If the guy in back right corner is not open, will you look for the guy underneath, or will the first one, come last?

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