Houston Rockets: Ball Screen, Handoff/Ball Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

A handoff in many aspects is the same as a ball screen. So for this basketball play, the defense is going to have to navigate 3 consecutive ball screen actions. It is very hard for a defense to guard multiple ball screens in a row because there are so many opportunities to break down or miss a defensive assignment.

This basketball play will force the defense to really communicate and rotate, because if they don’t then you are going to end up with an easy shot at the basket. All of the screeners must be willing to set a good legal screen for their teammate, and then react out of it.




Play Name: Houston Rockets: Ball Screen, Handoff/Ball Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Cause the defense to breakdown with multiple ball screens in a row and get a shot for whoever is open.

Play Tips: Attack off of the first ball screen to get the defense to shift before going to handoff, don’t just go through the motions.


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