Houston Rockets: Fake Pin Down Lob Basketball Play (10-11)

Whenever you have a really good scorer the defense is going to start paying extra attention to them and sometimes try to deny their catches. This is when you can take advantage of the defenses over aggressiveness and use back door cuts or a back door lob play. For this fake basketball play the shooter is going to set his man up and then go like he/she is going to use a down screen and if the defender is overplaying, then the shooter will back cut for the lob.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: Fake Pin Down Lob Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Let the shooter read their defender and either use the pin down screen or set them up and then cut backdoor for the lob.

Play Tips: In this video, the big man doesn’t get set very well for the down screen but the big man needs to get set quickly for the pin down screen. The shooter needs to take his man all the way to the screen before cutting backdoor for the lob because it will allow more space for the pass. It doesn’t have to be a dunk but the shooter needs to catch with both hands and finish.


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