Houston Rockets: Flare Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

Anytime you can get multiple screening options for your best scorer in a row, you are usually going to end up in some good action. The more good screens that a defender has to navigate, the harder it will be. Basketball plays like this are really good if you have a scorer that moves well without the basketball.

For this down screen basketball play you are going to set a flare screen and then immediately turn around and set a down screen for the same player. Once the player catches the ball off of the down screen you are just going to space the floor and play out of it. The better the flare screen is the more effective the down screen will be. It is important that the shooter sets up their defender each time before they use the screen.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: Flare Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Set a flare screen for the shooter and then turn around and set a good down screen for the same player.

Play Tips: The player coming off the down screen is looking to shoot off the down screen but if he isn’t open then there is the chance for a drive and kick. Set a good flare screen and make the big man jump to help so that he/she will be out of position on the down screen.


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