Houston Rockets: Give and Go Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

This basketball play is all about selling the handoff action and then cutting sharply backdoor. The play starts out of the horns set but quickly turns into a two-man game. This simply means that two players play together on one side of the floor while the other three space the floor or set screens for each other.

For the give and go backdoor play to work you need to keep good player spacing and read the defense. If there isn’t spacing the defense will be able to help on the back cut and potentially block the finish at the basket or take a charge. Also, the cutter needs to sell the handoff hard before cutting backdoor.




Play Name: Houston Rockets: Give and Go Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Make the defender think you are coming to get a handoff and then cut backdoor for a layup/dunk.

Play Tips: Sell the handoff and don’t cut backdoor to soon. Passer needs to lead the cutter and don’t telegraph the pass. The other three players need to space the floor and not allow their defender to help on the two-man game.


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