Houston Rockets: Handoff Ball Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

Running a handoff for the man about to use a ball screen, helps give them the advantage on the defender when they go off of the ball screen. It is pretty much like a double ball screen action, but with a handoff, it is easier for the player handing the ball off to make sure that they dribble at the defender and hit them with a screen. It also is a lot quicker than a regular ball screen. Multiple screening actions in a row are hard for the defense to guard without a breakdown. Basketball plays like this one make the defense really have to communicate and this leaves room open for a defensive mistake.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: Handoff Ball Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Set a good handoff screen and then let your wingman play off of the ball screen.

Play Tips: The better the handoff screen is the easier it will be to turn the corner or make a play on the ball screen.


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