Houston Rockets: High Post Entry, Back Screen Handoff Basketball Play (10-11)

When the clock is running down or a player is feeling it, you need to be able to have basketball plays where you can get them the ball in scoring position. The defense is going to be keyed on this player and is going to try and deny them the easy passes. Handoffs are a great way to get your best player the ball when the defense is trying to deny them. Especially if the shooter can set another screen before coming off of the handoff. This basketball play is a form of a screen the screener action and should end up in a pretty good shot for your best player.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: High Post Entry, Back Screen Handoff Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Have your best scorer/shooter set a back screen on one of the big men and then come off of the handoff. Also, get the big man a deep catch if he is open off of the back screen.

Play Tips: The better the back screen is the more open the shooter will be when comes off the handoff. If the big man is open off of the back screen hit him.


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