Houston Rockets: High Post Entry Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

It is important that you teach your best scorers how to back cut the right way. The reason for this is because there are going to be games where they are being denied the ball. This is the perfect time to back cut and get a wide open layup or dunk. This basketball play is all about making the defense pay for trying to deny the ball to your wings. If you can backdoor the defense a couple of times they will soften up the defense and you will then be able to run your offense.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: High Post Entry Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Make the wing defender pay for overplaying the passing lane. Get a layup or dunk out of the back cut.

Play Tips: Make sure that there is spacing on the weak side so their men cannot help in the paint. The back cutter needs to set his man up and big man needs to lead the cutter on the pass.


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