Houston Rockets: High Post Entry Double Screen Basketball Play

This Houston Rockets basketball play is designed to get their best player Kevin Martin the basketball at the top of the key for a shot off of a double screen action. For this basketball play to work the correct way two things need to happen. First, the shooter must first set his/her man up before using the screen, and then secondly the players setting the double screen need to lock in and hit the shooters man with a good legal screen. Making sure your players know the details of a play are key, and this is one of the primary jobs as a basketball coach.




Play Name: Houston Rockets: High Post Entry Double Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a shot for one of your best shooters off of the double screen pin down action.

Play Tips: The high post player needs to make sure and not stare down the shooter. The shooter must set his/her man up before coming off the screen and then be ready to shoot if open. Screeners need to set good legal screens.


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