Houston Rockets: High Post Entry, Double Screen Handoff Basketball Play (10-11)

It is important to run a lot of set basketball plays for your best player. Get them the ball where they are comfortable with it, and at an advantage over their defender. This play is essentially a triple screen for the shooter and should free them from their defender for an open shot. If they get the ball and nothing is there, a teammate will probably be open. Because the only way that the shooter is not going to be open is if the play wasn’t run very well, or if the defense helps on the screens.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: High Post Entry, Double Screen Handoff Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a shot for your best scorer/shooter off of the double screen and handoff.

Play Tips: The better the handoff screen is the easier it will be to turn the corner or make a play on the ball screen. Set good screens and the last handoff man needs to really find the defender and set a good clean up screen. The shooter must set his man up first below coming off the screen. Take him below the screen and come off the screen at a good angle.


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