Houston Rockets: High Post Entry Flare Screen Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

When you have a really good shooter on the floor, their defender is going to sometimes try and deny the shooter the basketball. In order to get that defender to lighten up their denial pressure, you can use backdoor basketball plays. You need to make the defender pay by cutting backdoor off of the flare screen.

The backdoor cut is a read by the offensive player because if the defender goes under the flare screen or gets hit by it then the shot is open and there is no need for the backdoor cut. However, if they are really trying to stay connected and deny, the backdoor cut should be wide open.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: High Post Entry Flare Screen Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Get a backdoor layup or an open shot for the shooter off of the flare screen action.

Play Tips: Shooter must read the defender and take what is given. Don’t predetermine what cut you are going to make without reading the defender. The big man needs to set a good screen.


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