Houston Rockets: High Post Give and Go Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

This high post entry backdoor basketball play is all about spacing and selling the handoff action. It is out of a two-man game, so that means that the two players have a whole side of the floor to work with. The weak side players need to be ready to cut or do something with the basketball if it is kicked out to them if their man over helps.

The cutter must sell that he/she is coming off for a handoff and then sharply cut backdoor for the layup. If the defender is guarding the backdoor then the cutter can come off for the handoff and then play out of it. The screener needs to make sure that if they do hand the ball of that they screen the defender but then also open up or role to the basket afterward. Basketball plays like this are all about reading the defense, and then taking advantage of what they are giving up.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: High Post Give and Go Backdoor Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Pass the ball to the high post and read the defender. If the defender is taking away the handoff then cut backdoor.

Play Tips: Make sure that the other 3 players are spacing the floor. The big man needs to lead the cutter on the backdoor pass. If the defender is taking away the backdoor cut then just use the handoff and play a two-man game out of it, don’t be a robot.


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